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Janelle Jones

Mentor to Madison Brenegen & Allyson Hilgeman

Janelle is the President/CEO of Lake County Chamber of Commerce, Founder/Executive Director of Lovin Lake County Destination Marketing Organization, Co-Founder/Executive Director of National Civility Association, and CEO of North Shore Management.


She started her first business 22 years ago by purchasing a vacuum at an auction for $1. Today she has over 30 employees and serves over 150 clients on the North Shore. Besides being a master at multi-tasking, her passion is helping others reach their dreams through mentoring, coaching, and consulting. Janelle enjoys encouraging and guiding others. Her number one priority is her family and three saint berdoodles. Her personal motto is “ I don’t want to look back and know I could have done better.”

chris headshot.jpg

Chris Swanson

Mentor to Zachariah Coughlin

Chris has been involved in many businesses since a very young age. Chris has a background in technology, retail, franchising, and marketing. He is the founder, CEO, and owner of PureDriven, one of the area’s largest marketing companies. PureDriven has been very successful in helping both retail and restaurant businesses. Chris is also the founder, CEO, and owner of Garage Starts, which works with businesses and entrepreneurs to guide them along their entrepreneurial journey.  He holds a special passion for coaching youths to help them navigate the business world and hopes to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit on the North Shore. He has spoken at several UMD classes in Business and Marketing, offering intern positions to several of the students he met in the process.


Tim White

Mentor to Will Holz

Tim has nearly 20 years of experience in new product development focused on aerospace, mining, and consumer durables. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Prior to joining NRRI, Tim was with Kohler Co. for 12 years in various new product development leadership roles in the Plumbing and Power divisions. Most recently, he led an initiative to design, manufacture, and sell an inexpensive water filter for the developing world. In addition, he is an inventor and serial entrepreneur and has started three of his own successful businesses.


Eric Faust

Mentor to John Rosas Ramirez

Eric has worked as a barista, trainer, green bean buyer, consultant, and United States Barista Championship Judge. Traveling around the world from Italy to Atlanta to Portland Eric has visited cafes and roasteries at the cutting edge of coffee. Training at the Counter Culture Headquarters in Atlanta and passing the SCAA Sensory Skills examination, Eric has developed a discerning palate for coffee and green bean selection. He has written for national coffee publications like Fresh Cup and Roast Magazine as well as local publications like the Rake and the Heavy Table. His experience and passion are a driving force behind the Duluth Coffee Company.

Tom Head Shot.jpeg

Tom Sega

Mentor to Dalton Scharmer

Tom Sega became President and CEO of Duluth Pack in 2007. Since Mr. Sega’s arrival at Duluth Pack, the company has expanded from a regional outdoors mainstay into a global network. Duluth Pack operates a manufacturing plant, retail operation, website, and a global wholesale business. In 2017 Mr. Sega purchased Spring Creek Outfitters and has transitioned the company into Spring Creek Manufacturing. Spring Creek Manufacturing, manufactures aluminum paddle sports accessories and industrial truck racks. Spring Creek Manufacturing operates a manufacturing plant, website, and global wholesale network. Mr. Sega holds an Engineering Degree from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

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